The former Darfeld monastery comes to life

The Klosterweg (Monastery Way) does not bear its name for nothing – between 1795 and 1825 there was an important monastery complex here where the Rosendahler Kreuz (Rosendahl Cross) stands. French Trappist monks and nuns had fled the French Revolution so they could continue to live in a monastic community in Darfeld. Visitors can find out what this monastic life was like at a memorial site that the partnership association Rosendahl-Entrammes/Forcé/Parné sur Roc e.V. erected at the site. At the archway monument made of Baumberger sandstone you will find information, audio stories, and films that bring the former monastery "on the Rosenthal" to life. In this way, future generations can also learn and experience how the Trappists lived here and how their work laid the foundation for a deep, decades-long friendship between Rosendahl and its French partner communities.